Thank you for your interest in my work.

I’m Kirill Yeretsky, a New York-based Creative Director and Art Director. With over 19 years of experience in design and animation, I bring a passion for crafting and directing engaging 2D and 3D content across various visual styles for film, television, and advertising projects.

With a BFA degree from SVA, my career began in advertising in 2005. I had the privilege of leading the animation studio at R/GA as an Executive Creative Director. During my 11 years there, I collaborated with talented teams to direct and supervise a diverse range of animated and live-action content for global clients like Nike, Samsung, and Verizon. Transitioning to the entertainment industry in 2016, I’ve held Creative Director positions at Jon Stewart’s HBO project, Should We Studio, and my own studio, Tomato Beach. At CBS, I served as a Co-Directed and Art Director on the animated feature film “Washingtonia” and the Art Director on Stephen Colbert’s satirical series “Our Cartoon President,” overseeing character, prop, and environment design for all three seasons. Additionally, I’ve directed animated sequences for award-winning documentaries like “In & Of Itself,” “With Drawn Arms,” and “The Bit Player.”

Throughout my career, I’ve played a leadership role in building five animation studios. This experience has fostered invaluable collaborations with highly skilled and passionate artists across various disciplines, enriching my growth as an artist and director. My leadership encompasses recruiting, scheduling, budgeting, and developing studio structures and production pipelines. I thrive in collaborative environments, contributing with hands-on work at any stage of the production process, from character design and storyboarding to animation and compositing.


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