I held the position of Creative Director at Should We Studio and also served as the Episodic Director for the five-episode animated series “Ada”. The Art and Animation Direction I developed for this project alongside my talented team utilized a 3D pipeline (Maya) and incorporated hand-drawn 2D animation (Harmony) to achieve a distinctive aesthetic.

Each episode is structured around two contrasting worlds. The visual style of the real world remains consistent throughout all five episodes, while the imagined world of each episode explores a distinctive design theme, encompassing reimagined environment design, character design, and rendering. In the real world, characters were crafted with a more realistic design, necessitating nuanced facial expressions and body language, whereas the imagined worlds featured more stylized characters, demanding exaggerated performances.

My leadership responsibilities encompassed recruiting, resource allocation, scheduling, budget management, studio organization, oversight of both 2D and 3D pipelines, and supervision of all artists. My hands-on involvement encompassed concept art, character design (including both iterations of the protagonist), modeling, texturing, animation, editing, and compositing.

I intend to provide further elaboration and full credits in the future. For now, here is the trailer for the series.