For consideration: TITMOUSE – Episodic Director

Kirill Yeretsky | | LinkedIn |
March 8, 2021

I am a New York-based Director with a background in design and animation. Over the past sixteen years, I have directed narrative content for television, film, educational shorts, and advertising in a wide range of design styles and animation techniques. I am thrilled to learn that you are looking for an Episodic Director for the Pantheon show. Thank you for reviewing my work and for considering me for Titmouse. I’ve been admiring the range and quality of the content that your studio produces for many years. I would be excited to contribute my knowledge and abilities to a Titmouse production and to collaborate with skilled and talented creators on your team. I think my hands-on skills as a designer and animator and my extensive experience as a director of 2D and 3D animated content will help me excel in this role.

I recently finished my work at ViacomCBS as the Art Director on SHOWTIME’s “Our Cartoon President”. Over three seasons (46 episodes), I was responsible for recruiting, training, and directing the design department. Throughout my career, I have managed large teams as well as directed and supervised all aspects of narrative animation production. I always tried to find clear and clever communication solutions in the storyboards and to attain appealing and nuanced animation. On this page, I have gathered a few examples of my work, showing a range of different design styles and animation techniques. For most of the projects that I’ve directed in my career, I worked with different storyboard artists to develop stories. For specific projects, I drew storyboards, which I noted in the descriptions below.

1. WITH DRAWN ARMS – Excerpt from “With Drawn Arms”

This animated short film is an excerpt from the documentary film With Drawn Arms. Below is the final animation and the storyboards/animatic that I created for this film.
More information about this project, including Art Direction is available here: HERE:

2. WOLF POKER GAME – Excerpt from “In & Of Itself”

This is a sequence that I directed for the documentary film “In & Of Itself” . Below is the final animation and the storyboards/animatic that I created for this film.

3. MONKS vs. DEMONS battle

I created these storyboards and animatic for a pitch for a spec NatGeo project. In this narrative, meditating monks confront a group of demons in the spirit world. When the peaceful approach to vanquish the demons fails, they are forced into an epic battle.

4. TED + Toyota – Distracted Mind

This is a piece that I developed and directed. I worked with a freelance artist on the storyboards. Below is the final project and the animatic that I edited.

5. TED-ED – What makes a hero?

This is a short educational film I directed in 2012 to explore the events that make up the Hero’s Journey. This film includes an action sequence with the hero battling a monster. I worked with a freelance storyboard artist on this film, which is not included on this page.

Thank you for taking the time to review my work and for your consideration!